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The We Are Women Owned Network

We are Women Owned standing together in Brooklyn
Youmie Jean Francois, Founder of Flex-N-Fly

I can't tell you how many opportunities I've had because of WAWO

I’ve had speaking engagements, increased revenue on my products, and people have followed me on social media just to let me know that I’ve inspired them and that they’re excited to support my company. It has really been amazing.

Plus, I can trace $25k directly back to WAWO – most of our yoga mat sales come from the WAWO community!

— Youmie Jean Francois, Founder of Flex-N-Fly


there’s so much that goes into starting, running, and managing a successful, purpose-driven brand –

Especially as a woman entrepreneur in 2023.

Lisa Nicole Rosado founder of We Are Women Owned hard at work

You’ve got the neverending daily tasks it takes to actually run your business, like…

  • Walking the tightrope of pricing your products and services in a way that’s competitive but also sustainable
  • Scaling that relentless mountain of email that magically replenishes itself overnight (inbox 3,000 is still respectable, right? RIGHT!?)
  • Staying on top of bookkeeping, payroll, and taxes *cries in Google sheets*
  • Struggling to find friends and colleagues who’ve been there, done that, and can offer the support and insight you need (because nothing hinders the vibe of a bottomless mimosa brunch quite like asking your 9 – 5-er besties what CRM or email marketing software they use and having everyone look at you like you have 3 heads)
  • Doing it all without access to the capital and funding that’s typically available to your male counterparts (especially if you’re a woman of color)
  • Oh yeah, and then there’s finding the time to actually deliver on the products and services you’ve sold

Finally, we have the biggest struggles of all:

  1. Combatting the loneliness and isolation that comes with spending long days (and nights, tbh) behind your laptop


  1. Finding new ways to get in front of new audiences so that more of your ideal customers can find you, buy from you, and tell everyone they know how amazing you are.
Whew. 😫


What if we told you that you don’t have to do this on your own?

What if there was a way you could:

Connect with hundreds of smart, kind potential business besties, creative allies, collaborative partners, and industry experts

Feel seen, heard, and supported among fellow women entrepreneurs who understand the highs and lows of building a business from the ground up

Level up your skills in every segment of your business (goodbye, spending your Saturday night struggling to write a new About page!)

Take the guesswork out of getting in front of new and growing audiences – ideally, the ones that are full of people eager to champion women-owned brands like yours

Accelerate your overall visibility and brand awareness (aka get noticed!) by an engaged community that’s more than 50,000 strong

If you’re thinking, “Wait, does something like this exist? Because it sounds like a dream come true!” then we have good news for you: you’re in exactly the right place, and you’re going to want to keep reading! 🤩


WAWO is truly life-changing

There are many communities out there, but you don’t often find one like WAWO – most are led by founders who hide behind the brand and are never accessible. But not WAWO! Lisa is such a genuine soul, and she also attracts very genuine, caring, and ambitious women, which is so special.

Back in 2021, I signed my very first client via WAWO. When I launched my business retreat, a member of the WAWO community was among the first to sign up. Eventually, thanks to WAWO’s events, I was able to expand my network enough to launch my first NYC event.

Overall, throughout the years, I have made $5,000 in revenue thanks to WAWO!

— Vanessa Farino, Founder of Creative CEO

Vanessa Farino, Founder of Creative CEO

Your Brand + The WAWO Network = A Perfect Match?

Interested in applying? Yay! Here’s what we look for:

  • At least one of your brand owners or founders must be a woman
  • Your brand is purpose-driven, socially conscious, and environmentally mindful
  • Your business is be product-based, service-based, or a non-profit
  • You have a strong brand with gorgeous visuals and a compelling brand story
  • You’re in this for the long haul – after all, you started this business to change the world!

Is your business product-based?

If so, then you must offer intentionally-designed, high-quality products that are available for purchase through an e-commerce platform (your website, Etsy, Society6, etc.)


Finally, here come a few more important details: 

To ensure the WAWO Network is a rewarding experience for all of our members, we take great care to make sure there isn’t too much overlap in any single category.

While we wish we could accept every application we receive, we simply don’t have the space! Please know that we take every application into careful consideration, and we sincerely appreciate you taking the time to apply.


Lisa May, Founder of Lisa May & Co.

There’s no way I’d have the presence I have in the US without WAWO

When I joined the WAWO Network, I was drawn to the variety: the workshops, the community app, and the coworking.

It’s been very good for my brand awareness, and I’ve connected with people I wouldn’t normally have the chance to. I’ve signed clients, had people join my email list, and received amazing support from Lisa within my own business.

— Lisa May, Founder of The Stories Society

Ready to send in your application?

There’s nothing we’d love more than to welcome you into this growing community of incredible women!

Our super-simple process involves just 4 steps (we get it – you’re busy trying to run a business here!):


Complete your application.


If you’re accepted, we’ll send you a welcome email with a link where you can select your membership level and choose your payment method.


Next, it’s time to log in to your account and add your details.


Finally: get excited!

The ah-ha moments, events, and connections with other business owners have been a game changer for my brand

I love the “sisterhood” feel. The community is there when I need them, and there’s no judgment in how I show up – only that I do.

It can be a challenge to be seen and heard, especially as a minority business owner… but the way we’re presented via WAWO lends even more credibility for other media and visibility opportunities.

— Vanessa Ungvarsky, Founder of Taylor Made Polish

Vanessa Ungvarsky, Founder of Taylor Made Polish
Lisa Rosado, founder of WAWO posing

Meet Lisa Nicole Rosado, the woman behind We Are Women-Owned

Hi! I’m Lisa Nicole Rosado, founder of We Are Women Owned (or WAWO for short!). I’m a Virgo, animal lover, proud Latina, and big idea generator.

Here, we’re all about using our connections, platforms, and resources to help women-owned businesses gain visibility – while also making it easy for values-driven customers to discover and buy from them!

Why? Because I understand the highs and lows that come with starting – and building – a business all too well!

Back in the early days of my business, finding community was a struggle. I needed a place where I could feel comfortable asking questions and leaning on people who truly understood what I was going through. 

And, since I was just starting out and didn’t have much extra money at my disposal, I needed a community that was both accessible *and* affordable.


Did something like that even exist? Apparently no, it did not! So, when I couldn’t find the community I needed, I decided to just create it. That’s how the WAWO Sisterhood was born.

Later, when the COVID-19 pandemic brought our beloved in-person events to a screeching halt, I knew brands needed a way to keep building personal connections with their customers. Meanwhile, consumers also wanted a way to make values-aligned purchasing fun and easy. Enter: the WAWO Small Business Directory.

Now, the most magical pieces of the WAWO Sisterhood and the WAWO Small Business Directory are coming together to form the latest evolution of the WAWO Network.

It’s where you’ll find community, education, support, careful curation, and accelerated visibility opportunities – all in one dreamy network that offers women entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed at every stage of their business journey. 🥰️

Lisa Rosado, founder of We Are Women Owned, sitting in a chair
Carla Farina, Founder of eddys brand

The virtual meetings to check in on each other have been a huge benefit for me. Plus, I met my very first collaboration partner and my business coach through WAWO!

Online communities are ok as long as people are active, but it’s so much easier to stop showing up if all you have is text.

I love that WAWO has regular meetings and there’s a gathering at least once a week. As someone who has worked from home since 2017, that was so needed and missing from my day-to-day.

— Carla Farina, Founder of eddys brand

Got questions about the WAWO Network? We made this section just for you!

  • Do I need to own a certain kind of business or be at a certain level to join?

    If you’re a woman entrepreneur or creative, you’re welcome here! We’re talking product-based businesses, service-based businesses, e-commerce businesses, content creators, freelancers, shop owners, solopreneurs, makers, do-ers, copywriters, marketers, coaches, full-time, part-time, beginners, seasoned experts, and so on! If you’re a kind, caring person with a purpose-driven business, we want you to sit with us. 😎

  • Is the WAWO Network open to small business owners outside of the US?

    Yes! While more than 85% of our community is based in the United States, the membership is absolutely open to businesses outside of the US.

    Since time zones are a thing, here’s a quick overview of when most of our events take place:

    • Coworking: Mondays and Fridays at 11:00 AM Eastern
    • Workshops and Q&As: These can vary a bit, but they’re generally scheduled on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday afternoons or evenings. Plus, replays are available in the resource library for you to watch any time!

    Want a quick peek at what a typical month in the WAWO Network looks like? Check out our Events page here.

    Basically, if you feel like the WAWO Network is a good fit for your goals, we’d love to have you apply.

  • How long is the membership commitment?

    Right now, membership is offered month-to-month. We may offer an annual membership option in the future.

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    While we wish we could guarantee you lots of sales as a result of joining the WAWO Network, that’s just not something we can ethically or realistically promise. What we can promise, though, is that Team WAWO will do everything in our power to help you increase your visibility while inspiring and encouraging our community – and the general public – to shop and support women-owned brands (including yours!).

  • Is the WAWO Network a Facebook Group?

    The WAWO Network does NOT involve a Facebook group – yay! We actually custom-built the WAWO Network and Directory interface based 100% on the community’s needs. 😎

    That means you won’t have any fussy algorithms to deal with. No getting distracted by photos of your friend’s adorable puppy/baby/house and forgetting why you got online in the first place. No accidentally seeing your uncle’s latest conspiracy theory and disturbing your inner peace for the next three days.

  • Can you share demographics for the WAWO community?

    Yes! Here’s a quick glance at the people who make up this amazing community:


    Through the power of our platforms, online presence, connections, and resources, we’re here to support you in generating more brand awareness, visibility, and growth. 🎉

    WAWO Audience Ages

    WAWO Demographics age

    WAWO Audience Locations

    WAWO Demographics Location map


    WAWO Audience by the Numbers
    By the 1,000s

    WAWO Demographics Average monthly page views


    Average monthly page views during the holidays & pop-up events

    WAWO Demographics Instagram followers


    instagram followers

    WAWO Demographics page views


    Average monthly regular page views during

    WAWO Demographics email subscribers


    Email subscribers

  • What about demographics for the WAWO Network itself?

    Wondering who you might meet in the WAWO Network? Allow us to introduce you!


    The WAWO Network is thrilled to be home to more than 100 amazing women who can’t wait to welcome you, stand (virtually) by your side when times are tough, and help you celebrate your every success.


    Inside the Directory, you’ll find 145 brands across 36 total categories, including these 11 primary categories:

    • Accessories
    • Apparel
    • Baby & Kids
    • Beauty
    • Food & Beverage
    • Gifts
    • Home & Lifestyle
    • Paper Goods
    • Pets
    • Wellness
    • Services

    As a Latina-founded organization, WAWO has always and will always champion brands established by all women – especially those who belong to minority and historically-marginalized groups.

    Brands in the Directory are:

    • AAPI-Owned: 14%
    • Biracial-Owned: 3%
    • Black-Owned: 16%
    • Indigenous-Owned: 1%
    • Latina-Owned: 24%
    • LGBTQ+ Owned: 6%
    • South Asian-Owned: 1%

    Self-identified per the brand founder

    And inside the WAWO Sisterhood, you’ll be in the company of 100+ makers, do-ers, and curators, like:

    • Accountants
    • Artists
    • Authors
    • Bookkeepers
    • Business and Personal Development Coaches
    • Branding Experts
    • Marketers
    • Copywriters
    • Designers
    • Educators
    • Entertainers
    • Jewelers
    • Pet Parents
    • Travel Planners
  • I have a question that isn’t answered here.

    Please send us an email and our team will make sure you have the info you need to decide whether the WAWO Network is a good fit for you!

Group of WAWO Sisterhood Members posing

So, does the WAWO Network sound exactly like what you’ve been looking for?

If any small part of you is whispering, “Yessss!”, then please know that we would absolutely love to receive your application.

While we can’t accept every single applicant, we can promise to take each and every application into careful consideration – because helping to support the growth of brands like yours is our favorite thing!

Nope, you don’t have to go all mad scientist on the Instagram algorithm. 

You don’t have to dance awkwardly on TikTok in hopes of having your brand go viral. 

You don’t have to pay thousands of dollars each month just to access high-quality community support and expert-led workshops.

Ready to finally find the support you’ve been craving – and maybe get in front of a new, enthusiastic, and continuously growing audience while you’re at it?

It’s all waiting for you inside the WAWO Network, and you can get started for just $10 per month.

Apply Now

WAWO Network


Community, Coworking, Events, Resources, Priority Access

Your Investment: $10 per month

WAWO Network + Directory


Directory Listing, Dedicated Brand Profile, Welcome Instagram Post PLUS Community, Coworking, Events, Resources, Priority Access

Your Investment: $25 per month

Alicia Puig, Founder of PxP Contemporary

There's so much support within the group – the WAWO Network is truly a place where I feel like everyone is there to see each other win

Sometimes it’s the simple things like being able to commiserate about shared issues that come up while running a business. It makes such a difference to know that it’s not ‘just you’ or ‘your fault’ when in reality, many – if not all – other entrepreneurs are also dealing with the same challenges and obstacles.

Normalizing the challenges that have come up in my business has helped develop and bolster my confidence as an entrepreneur. As such, I’ve continued to push my boundaries and make big decisions that have led to significant personal and financial growth over the last year.

— Alicia Puig, Founder of PxP Contemporary