Natalia Gomez on the Power of Purpose, Mompreneur Life, and Owning the Value She Brings as a Bilingual Service Provider

Last month, we had the privilege of chatting with Natalia Gomez, Founder of Green Studio Marketing, a Mexico-based web design + copywriting studio that serves conscious creatives around the world.

Natalia’s work doesn’t stop at pretty websites and catchy headlines, though: she goes all in on purposeful storytelling and tech integrations to help her clients build their dream businesses.

During our time together, Natalia shared some incredible insights on topics like:

→ Why she loves addressing complex questions and client overwhelm

→ The biggest mistake most small business owners are making

→ The journey toward owning her confidence, skills, and value as a bilingual service provider

→ Balancing mompreneur life with a new baby

Reading that list and nodding along? Let’s dive into the good stuff:

WAWO: How did you get the idea to start Green Studio?

NG: I started Green Studio as a snowball effect after having a sustainable fashion blog and giving ethical brands marketing advice. After I realized that a lot of people could benefit from my marketing mentoring and skills, it made sense to transition from the blog to a conscious marketing studio to help people start an online presence with a website that feels authentic to their purpose and helps them attract dream clients.  

WAWO: What’s your favorite type of project to work on?

NG: I love it when I get to help a client envision what their brand could look like and start from scratch. I enjoy shaping ideas and guiding my clients through the beautiful process of discovering their purpose, which, apart from selling, is what helps you enjoy your business day after day.

WAWO: How about your favorite type of client to work with?

NG: I love working with intense and ambitious action-takers – people who are ready to get to the point and work with me to build their dream business. I love addressing complex questions and client overwhelm, because it means I can help them untangle everything and help them focus on what actually matters, one day at a time.

WAWO: What’s the #1 mistake you see small business owners making with their websites and content marketing?

NG: Focusing all their marketing efforts and attention on social media. Social media is not the only way to get clients or build an online presence, and if you waste most of your time on this, you will be losing out on the money-making activities you need to do to grow your business.

WAWO: What kind of work did you do before starting Green Studio, and how has that helped make you REALLY good at what you do now?

NG: I used to work at mass consumption companies where I learned my business basics (and unlearned a lot of things, too). I used to create marketing plans and set pricing for global brands, which made me really good at analyzing data, cultivating great attention to detail, and seeing the big picture of how to run a profitable business. These skills have really helped me apply that logic to starting an online business and guiding people in bite-sized milestones to achieve big goals.

WAWO: We love that Green Studio is “a proudly female-led and Latina-owned business.” Can you share a bit about what that means to you?

NG: I used to be ashamed of saying that I was a professional copywriter but not a native speaker. I felt I had to work with native-speaking copywriters with my client projects to validate my value to them. However, after years of building my confidence and seeing evidence of the value in my offers, I now want the world to know I’m proudly a bilingual service provider that can deliver a great service in two languages. 

I also want Latinas in business to know that they are not alone. They can conquer the world and have clients in two languages if they wish to. Latin America has so much to offer and not a lot of online presence, and I want to change that.

WAWO: If you could go back to the very beginning of your business journey and share one piece of advice with Past Natalia, what would you tell her?

NG: Don’t be afraid. Money and clients will flow. If you focus on your purpose, strategic marketing, and business plan, there is no reason for your business to fail. The lack of a stable income can be paralyzing, but if I had known these things from the start, I could have saved myself a ton of stress and anxiety. 

Also, patience is important. Nothing comes overnight.

WAWO: What’s something you wish more women small business owners realized?

NG: If your brand or service has a strong purpose, even when you feel moments of despair, there’s always someone behind the screen who is secretly watching you grow. Don’t let the bad days bring down all your hard work. When you resent your business, it’s time for a break to recenter and refocus your energy. 

WAWO: Do you remember what initially drew you to WAWO? What’s your favorite part of the community?

NG: It’s a purpose-driven female founder community and it aligns with what I live and work for.

WAWO: What does the future hold for Green Studio?

NG: Since I’m a new mom (my baby was born in December 2022), I really made massive changes in my offers this year. I got rid of monthly contracts and refocused my business on the most profitable activities that either required the least amount of hours on my computer or could be easily delegated.

Why? Because “my business on my own terms” means doing what I love so that I can earn what I deserve and spend my days with my family being a mindful mom with a work-life balance. My goal is to work 3 days a week and build a stream of passive income with fewer 1-1 projects, but I’m taking this goal one day at a time 😉

WAWO: Natalia, this has been amazing – thank you so much! If our readers want to keep in touch with you or hire you for an upcoming project, where can they find you?

NG: They can get started on my website, I also have a free website planner, a free website quiz, and a website workshop designed to help service providers start bringing in leads daily (and it’s only $27). They can find me on Instagram @greenstudiomarketing, too!

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