WAWO Sisterhood Members

Nicole Goldfarb

Founder: Nicole Goldfarb

Apparel & Fashion

Penelope The Label

Founder: Marisol Rosignal

Wellness & Fitness


Founder: Youmie Jean Francois

Founder: Melissa Panszi Riebe

Erica Goldstein

Founder: Erica Goldstein

Jackie Coffin
Marketing & Advertising

Marketing Socially With JC

Founder: Jackie Coffin

Molly Brooks

Founder: Molly Brooks

Lorenia Henriquez


Founder: Lorenia Henriquez

Kira La Forgia

Founder: Kira La Forgia

Judy Chen

Founder: Judy Chen

Jenny Lieberman

Founder: Jenny Lieberman

Samanta Moise
Wellness & Fitness

La Parea Wellness

Founder: Samanta Moise

Founder: Kimmay Caldwell

Pamela Delgado

Founder: Pamela Delgado

Apparel & Fashion

Tie Dye & Tonic

Christina “Mo” Vázquez Mauricio

Aicha Ba

Founder: Aicha Ba

Brooke Irby

Founder: Brooke Irby

Natalie Orozco
Wellness & Fitness

Sunday Mournings

Founder: Natalie Orozco

Stephanie Velez
Food & Beverage

Cafe Veleziano

Founder: Stephanie Velez

Silvia Baffone

Nuggie Paw Shop

Founder: Silvia Baffone

Mariah Martinez
Marketing & Advertising

The M Agency

Founder: Mariah Martinez

Amie Colosa
Graphic Design

Chin Up Prints

Founder: Amie Colosa

Lauren Nowicki


Founder: Lauren Nowicki

Erin Coles

Founder: Erin Coles

Carla Farina
Apparel & Fashion

eddys brand

Founder: Carla Farina

Sue Faith Bowen

Founder: Sue Faith Bowen

Radiance & Romance

Founder: Lauren Richardson

Eva Lester

GLEAM Eyewear

Founder: Eva Lester

Sequoia Armstrong
Apparel & Fashion

Puebla York

Founder: Sequoia Armstrong

Yansi Fugel
Apparel & Fashion

Tux Couture

Founder: Yansi Fugel

Founder: Broghanne Jessamine

Jacinta Gandy
Graphic Design

Social Circle

Founder: Jacinta Gandy

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