#RemoteConnecting with Susan McPherson

Loneliness can be dangerous and life-altering. Join Susan for a discussion on how to avoid loneliness through actionable tips, ideas, and suggestions. JOIN HERE


OKREAL: Conversations with great people ft. Bonnie Wright

Introducing OKLIVE: Conversations with great people. First up is Bonnie Wright: filmmaker and environmental enthusiast, ruby haired introvert, singer of Rihanna in the car, and the best listener I’ve ever met.…


General Assembly: How She Got There

At present, our country needs women's idealism and determination, perhaps more in politics than anywhere else. - Shirley Chisholm In honor of Women's History Month, General Assembly is sitting down with four women with various roles to learn a bit more about their journey and talk about how technology is influencing, educating and mobilizing women…


Women of Culture: Tantra for Grounding & Stress Relief

The virtual connection sessions are designed as a way to bring the Women of Culture community together while we're practicing social distancing due to COVID-19. The intention is that these…

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