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Coqui the Chef

Founder: Tania Lopez

Coqui the Chef is a social enterprise with a mission to teach the importance of food culture and eating smart. We explore all types of food from all over the world. We enjoy teaching how food can be your passport to an amazing culinary experience.

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Kayleen Mesa| Feminine Embodiment Mentor

Founder: Kayleen Mesa

Kayleen Mesa is a Feminine Embodiment Mentor who dedicates her time guiding women through the deep and powerful journey of self reclamation. A journey to reclaim your sensuality, pleasure, and divine power.

The Feminine Radiance Masterclass | Early Bird Offer extended until 10.11.20 ••• SPECIAL BONUS Offer for 1:1 Private Mentorship Program until 11.30.20

*Only 2 Spots left*

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Hurray Kimmay

Founder: Kimmay Caldwell

Join The Hurray Clubhouse and say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™. Change the way you show up for yourself so you can show up confidently, unapologetically, & change the world with 1 part course, 1 part membership, & 1 part community.

Join The Hurray Clubhouse and enjoy 20% off (monthly or yearly!) with code WAWO until Oct 20th, 2020

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Sunday Mournings

Founder: Natalie Orozco-Moxley

Sunday Mournings is an online home for love and loss. We believe that grief is not something to be solved; it’s a state of being transmuted through connection, community, and presence. Coming Winter 2020 we will also have grief focused gift boxes.

Enjoy our Founder discount for our community by mentioning code WAWO in your questionnaire

Also, get 10% off of our “Making Loss Manageable” workshop with code WAWO.

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Founder: Paulina Serrato

Founded in 2016, MANIORPEDI is New York’s Mobile Nail Salon, providing in-office and event manicure and pedicure services to some of the world’s leading companies (e.g. Salesforce, PepsiCo, WeWork, amongst others) in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.

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