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Brooklyn Donates

Founders: Olivia Beals-Reid & Jordan Kerwin

Brooklyn Donates is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization focused on the economic well-being of New York City small businesses. All merchandise proceeds are used to provide grants to NYC small businesses to help them survive the pandemic.

Our t-shirts are on sale for $15, and our canvas tote bags are on sale for $17.


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The Agape House

Founder: Kiti Ward

The Agape House, a 501c3 non-profit, provides housing, education, employment, training, food delivery to 18-25-year-old Black and Brown women at-risk of human/sexual trafficking, systemic racism, unemployment, incarceration, homelessness. For every 1000 youth on Seattle streets, about 83 come from foster care, sixty percent of these girls are likely to be trafficked without a viable education or safe extended housing.

As you celebrate your holidays, as we all experience COVID, please don’t forget about those who need your help.


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Global Goods Partners

Founders: Joan Shifrin & Catherine Shimony

As a non-profit social enterprise, Global Goods Partners connects women artisans across the world with a market for their handmade goods. Every piece is uniquely handmade and fair trade, while each artisan receives fair living wages and benefits.

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