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Hurray Kimmay

Founder: Kimmay Caldwell

Join The Hurray Clubhouse and say hurray inside, outside, and underneath™. Change the way you show up for yourself so you can show up confidently, unapologetically, & change the world with 1 part course, 1 part membership, & 1 part community.

Join The Hurray Clubhouse and enjoy 20% off (monthly or yearly!) with code WAWO until Oct 20th, 2020

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Live By Design

Founder: Liza Harper

Liza Harper, Life Re-designer and Founder of Live By Design is on a mission to help every woman she meets Redesign + Rediscover + Rebuild their lives after a traumatic experience and find their JOY. Are you going through a break-up, loss, relationship transition, career move? But, you are feeling overwhelmed, tired, lost- unsure where to start? I can help.

Book your FREE 45-min VIP coaching call with me to discuss anything that you may need guidance on right now here!

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