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Cafe Veleziano

Founder: Stephanie Velez

Cafe Veleziano is a family business. Our family has produced coffee for almost a century. As a response to the coffee prices crisis, we decided to create our brand and sell coffee produced by us and other small producers directly to consumers.

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Pass the Salt

Founder: Alexandra Glass

Pass the Salt is reinventing the dinner party, one artisan-curated hosting kit at a time. Our small-batch boxes deliver a dose of authentic, local flavor—along with all those little made-with-love extras to help you coast through playing host.

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Founders: Hannah Matthew Martinez & Hannah Brock Silva

Salut offers one-of-a-kind, plant-based infusions for cocktails & mocktails. Each bottle comes with pre-measured ingredients. All you have to do is add the liquid! Add liquor or wine for cocktails or water for mocktails.

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Maluli’s Kitchen

Founder: Maria Allauca

Maluli’s kitchen is a small business owned by a proud Latina mom. Malulis’s kitchen specializes in selling sweat Spanish treats and offers a new gluten-free line for people who suffer a gluten sensibility or just want to eat more healthily.

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