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Founder: Sonali Karmarkar

Soieli is a hand-painted silk hair accessories brand born from the desire to make hair accessories that rival jewelry. Our wearable art pieces are made from 100% silk to prevent breakage, with designs inspired by impressionist art meets street art.

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AMF Studios

Founder: Jana Bergstedt

AMF Studios creates hand-dyed garments using natural indigo dyes. Sourcing both new and vintage apparel, AMF uses the Shibori dye technique to create unique pieces that are truly one of a kind.

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Please note: Ability to place orders will close on 12/10/20 until after the Holiday Season. So feel free to bookmark the page, and purchase later!

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Founder: Ingrid Pagaza

We don’t have a pin problem! Enamel pins are fun and versatile pieces of art and that’s why we are obsessed with them. More permanent than stickers but with infinite options to pin on apparel or accessories. Explore our ever-growing collection.

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Founder: Lindsay Duck

I am a graphic designer by day and my work in the design field inspires me to explore new shape combinations and patterns. My designs reflect my love of geometric shapes and clean lines. I strive to create jewelry that is affordable and unique.

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