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Mavis by Herrera

Founder: Mavis Carolina Herrera

We transform plastic waste into Elegant, Ethical, and Sustainable Handbags. All our bags are one of a kind and they are handmade. We give back to our people and our planet.

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A D’Zine

Founder: Melissa Panszi Riebe

A D’Zine uses new, vintage, & global components to create one of a kind jewelry. Because the motto of A D’Zine is making a statement with what you wear and share, a portion of each sale goes to a featured nonprofit.

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Woven Futures

Founder: Hannah King

Ethical and sustainable pieces woven by artisans in Guatemala. We’re on a mission to change the fashion industry for the better. We create eco-friendly fashion staples that bring culture to your home and support economic growth for Latin America.

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Meraki Wayuu

Founder: Carolina Arenas

Meraki Wayuu comes to you from the Wayuu Tribe of La Guajira, Colombia. Our mission is to empower global artisans in disadvantaged areas and raise multicultural awareness. All of our items are uniquely handmade products.

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Gleam Eyewear

Founder: Eva Lester

GLEAM Eyewear is an indie brand of non-prescription, blue light blocking, computer glasses designed for the modern businesswomen. Our vision is to provide women with screen glasses that make them feel confident and protected while on digital devices.

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