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Founder: Miriah Stacy

I started my business after working at the mall. I had many unpleasant experiences working there. There were many biased opinions given by my managers about the “type” of people that should shop there. I decided I would strive to design for all types.

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Bumble and Bundle

Founder: Ellyse Williams

While juggling careers and motherhood, we were constantly changing, packing, or preparing bags. Functionality and organization were needed. Bumble and Bundle grew from a need for moms on the go with things to do.

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Beauty / Product / Virtual Popup

Aura Rouge Beauty

Founder: Azizzah Mabinuori

With inclusivity in mind, Aura Rouge Beauty strives to provide high-quality, easy to use products for the everyday makeup enthusiast. Check out our matte liquid lipsticks infused with four hydrating oils and our vegan highlighters! 100% cruelty-free.

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Omotola’s Jewels

Founder: Makeda Robinson

My business name is Omotola’s Jewels. I sell high-end statement jewelry pieces at an affordable price. I adorn beautiful black women like myself who grew through their trials and tribulations. Who are wiser and stronger.

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Beauty / Product / Skin Care / Virtual Popup

Auvê Beauty

Founder: Angella Sprauve

At Auvê Beauty, we create luxe vegan beauty products to empower your life. Born from a passion for vibrant living, Auvê Beauty is rooted in the richness of Guyanese botanicals, combined with principles of a modern-day, healthy California lifestyle.

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Beauty / Product / Virtual Popup


Founder: Dr. Melodie Davis-Bundrage

LUV + CO. is an inclusive clean beauty company. Our products are toxin-free, made with organic ingredients, and offered in a range of dye-free shades. Our mission is to spread LUV through education and offering a healthy beauty business opportunity.

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