As a passionate student of sustainability, graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, and fashion industry veteran, Carla Farina always knew she wanted to start her own brand and make her own clothes.


in an industry where around 100 billion new garments are produced – and another 92 million pounds of clothing ends up in landfills each year – she struggled with what to make and how to differentiate herself in a way that aligned with her values.

Carla Eddys brand owner

Then, when her nephew was born, Carla had an epiphany: while there were so many sustainable brands for adults, the options for kids (at the time) were either low-price, low-quality fast fashion-type pieces or incredibly expensive, organic, and not-very-comfy-or-cute outfits.

“Why should buying cute, comfy, sustainable clothes for kids have to be such a challenge?” she wondered.

Make Without Unnecessary Waste

So, Carla set out to build eddys brand on the idea of making necessary items without creating unnecessary waste. In her search for the ideal fiber from which to create garments, she realized that the materials she was looking for already existed:

They were the fibers that had already been grown, dyed, knit up, and most importantly, loved.

That’s why all eddys brand outfits are made with yarn from landfill-bound secondhand sweaters that are unraveled, washed, and re-knit into adorable, durable items for babies and toddlers.

Each NYC-made eddys pack includes a beanie, sweater, and pant. Available in sizes 0 - 3T.


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Sustainable Wardrobe Styling by eddys brand

Mamas, have you been struggling to feel amazing?

Carla Eddys brand owner working Whether you’re heading back to work after the birth of your first baby, feeling stuck in a style rut after working from home for the past few years, or just ready to get your fashion mojo back, you’re not alone! As part of her brand-new service, Sustainable Wardrobe Styling, Carla Farina is here to help you finally figure out your wardrobe so you can feel fabulous again!

She’ll take you step-by-step through figuring out your wardrobe goals, shopping your own closet (because the most sustainable item is the one you already own!), decluttering your space, letting go of the garments that no longer serve you, and rekindling your love for those pieces you adore but can’t seem to figure out how to wear.

Wait, this gets even better:

Carla is currently accepting bookings for February 2024, which means you can get back to feeling like your most fabulous self just in time for Valentine’s Day. Packages range from a single day to an entire year of wardrobe styling, and pricing begins at $250.

Schedule your discovery call and get ready to get that fashion mojo back!

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Decluttering and Sorting for Kids’ Wardrobes by eddys brand

Let’s face it: kids grow quickly

Carla Eddys brand owner working Keeping them in comfortable, season-appropriate clothing and shoes can sometimes feel like a full-time job on its own. Before you know it, drawers are overflowing, you’re out of hangers, and the cute outfits you were dressing your kiddo in just last week barely fit. How!? You know it’s time to do something, but… scheduling a major wardrobe clear-out feels like too much. Plus, what should you do with the clothes your kiddo has outgrown? And when are you supposed to fit in the time to go shopping? What are the most sustainable brands to buy? Finally, how are you supposed to know which brands will best fit your kid, especially since sizes can vary so drastically?

Here’s the good news: you don’t have to do this on your own!

As part of her brand-new service, Decluttering and Sorting for Kids’ Wardrobes, Carla will guide you through the entire process of taking inventory of what doesn’t fit, donating wearable items, understanding which brands and styles fit and wear exceptionally well, and creating a capsule wardrobe based on lifestyle, laundry frequency, and the age of your child.

The result:

well-dressed kiddos, tidy closets, clutter-free spaces, and plenty of quality family time to make fond memories – all with minimal environmental impact. Packages start at just $125.

Say goodbye to the chaos – schedule your discovery call today!

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Enjoy 15% off with code WAWO23 if you book by December 31st

Carla’s best sustainability tips:

  • Sustainability is not something we can completely achieve in our lifetime. It doesn’t have an end goal. Rather, it’s a journey to learning how you can make do with less. We all need things in order to survive – we just need to be more conscious and creative about how we obtain these things. We also may need to make sacrifices to shift our mindsets. It doesn’t have to be about the newest “zero waste” designer – it can be about loving what you have and being happy wearing that.
  • If you’re just starting out in your sustainability journey, start with something you know. For me, it was clothes. For you, it might be food or home items. I went the “no new clothes” route, but there are so many options out there! And do not, under any circumstances, try to do it all in one month or one year. Really niche down to the one thing you can do better. For example, if your next purchase is bananas, go for the organic or Fair Trade option instead.

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