Why give the kind of boring, impersonal gift box that’s been mass-produced by the thousands when you can give an unforgettable gift box with a serious wow factor – one that’s 100% customized for the recipient and comes with a handwritten card?

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Your stress-free solution to truly personalized gifting. Build your own gift box or choose from a whole lineup of absurdly fun ready-to-ship options! They offer something for everyone on your list at any budget, so you never have to sacrifice quality.

So, how did Katelyn get the idea to create a wildly fun, totally personalized gifting brand like Box Moxy?

Box Moxy Yo Go Glen Coco box

Well, she has always been a gift box girlie. After working with several companies where she was in charge of gifting for clients and employees, she thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if someone invented a company that let you select everything you wanted, vs the traditional, standard gift boxes? Not me, of course. But someone!”

Then, after having a conversation with a colleague about the challenges of raising daughters in a world fraught with everything from societal pressures around appearance & weight to high school bullies, Katelyn was given what would turn out to be a life-changing gift: Ann Shen’s Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Women Who Changed the World.

As she explored the book with her daughter, Katelyn started to wonder: “Is this the kind of woman I want to raise my daughter to be – someone who’s too scared to start her own business? Someone who doesn’t take risks or believe in herself?”

Heck no!

Her answer, as you might imagine, was a resounding heck no. So, to the delight of gift box recipients everywhere, Katelyn decided to go for it. Today, Box Moxy continues to be fueled by her passion and excitement to empower women to follow their dreams.

As cliche as it sounds, it IS the thought that matters. If I were to tell you about the top 3 gifts I have ever received, would you be surprised to know that they were all under $50? I think we have this notion that a “good gift” is something so insanely shocking and massive that it could never be topped. But I bet that if you were to think of your top 3 gifts, most of them would be heartfelt gestures – not super lavish gifts. Try to find something that will speak to that person. Something as simple as sending a small gift to someone to let them know you’re thinking of them is a perfect example. Those are the types of gifts that stick with someone – gifts that show you truly care.
—Katelyn’s favorite gifting tip

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Choose a holiday-themed gift box – or build your own from scratch – that’s sure to bring a smile to every friend, family member, or coworker on your list. And, since making holiday magic can be stressful, don’t forget to spoil yourself a little, too (we’ll never judge)!

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