12 Ways To Boost Your Instagram Engagement

Gaining followers on social media is great, but without Instagram engagement, you might not get very far.  We all know that Instagram can be a powerful tool to help build online brand awareness for your retail business. One consistent struggle for many of us, though, is how to keep our audience consistently engaged.  The ultimate…

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Women At Work

Bev Is Breaking The Glass One Rosé Can At A Time

The consumer packaged goods industry (CBG) is a 600b+ market that thousands of smaller companies are carving out their share of —  including Bev, a rosé beverage that is made by chicks, served in a can — breaking the glass [ceiling], literally — and redefining the landscape of a male-dominated space. Founder, Alix Peabody spent…

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18 Best Small Business Apps Female Founders Swear By

How many tabs do you have open right now? Currently, I’ve got 13 open. I leave them open because I’m multitasking, or because I’m afraid I’ll forget to read or do something if I close one of them. Can you relate? Or perhaps you’re thinking, “that’s totally me!” as you read this? Starting and scaling…

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