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Small Business Resources During COVID-19

We’ve compiled a list of helpful resources to support the small business owners, freelancers, artists & creatives in the We Are Women Owned community during COVID-19.

Learn more about small business loans & available grants, what’s going on with student loans, how to apply to the Freelancers Relief Fund, tips for staying productive while working from home & more.

We’ll be regularly updating our list, so be sure to check back for new additions!

View the full list here

Your Guide for Driving Retail Sales During COVID-19

It’s an intense time we’re living in, from worrying about the health and safety of ourselves and our loved ones to the anxiety of the unknown financially. COVID-19’s impact on small businesses is unparalleled.

As small business owners, it’s time to lean in and focus on the communities we’ve built and our online presence, get more personal and open than we’ve ever been, provide value wherever we can and get creative with our sales approach.

Alyssa Kuchta, Founder of FYB Jewelry, is here to lend her fellow sisters a hand! Check out her

COVID-19 Survival Guide For Retailers

Tips For Starting & Scaling A Business Like An Entreprenista from the Powerhouse Duo of Socialfly

Powerhouse duo, Stephanie Cartin and Courtney Spritzer are the lady bosses and personalities behind the Socialfly brand. What started as a social media agency in NYC has since evolved into so much more.

We turned to the ladies behind Socialfly to learn how they balance all their business ventures and client management plus their top tips for building brand awareness and scaling your brand.

Keep reading to keep scaling!

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